Why investing in Budapest?

  1. Price per square meter in Budapest is between 700-1300 euros/m2, making it among the lowest in Europe.
  2. Favorable taxation rates on real estate investment!
    Net rental income tax is 15% Income received in Hungary is not taxable in France
    0% tax on capital gain on resale after 5 years; very low tax rate on estates.
  3. Strong potential for real estate value to increase in the coming years.
  4. A high rate of rental income, up to 10%.
  5. An opportunity to make a "dream investment" thanks to the quality of local properties and the old Haussmann-style buildings, with ceiling heights of 4m and large, open spaces. The opportunity to own the kind of property you could never buy in other Central/Western European countries, located in a beautiful, bustling and vibrant capital city.
  6. Tourism is increasing and short term rentals are growing.
  7. An influx of students and foreign tenants over the last 3 years has stimulated the rental market in Pest’s city center.
  8. Hungary is centrally located in Europe and has seven neighboring countries. [Travel time is convenient from any European destination]
  9. A significant and steady improvement to the city’s infrastructure thanks to EU funding
  10. The transition to the Euro, which will take place in the medium term.

And finally...

Hungary is a beautiful country and Budapest is a magnificent city to live in. It’s extremely safe and has a crime rate among the lowest in Europe. For the moment its notoriety still relatively unknown but as this is changing, the value of the real estate market changes exponentially.